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My name is Zack Labadie. I’ve been fascinated by the intersection of design, technology and people for as long as I can remember.

I recently graduated summa cum laude from Northeastern University, earning a BFA in Design with a concentration in Experience Design. While pursuing my degree, I was able to accumulate nearly two years of full-time professional experience with incredible teams including a corporate marketing department, a multimedia publishing company, and an early stage all-hands-on-deck SaaS startup.

I believe that design is human-centered problem-solving in action. Good design is thoughtful, simple, practical, and intuitive. Great design makes life better for others.

I consider myself a full-spectrum digital designer. I have experience ranging from ideation and prototyping to visual design and front-end development. My formal training consists of equal parts traditional design education and modern UX proceses, which allows me to contribute to a project at any point in its lifecycle. My development experience ensures I work within engineering constraints and arrive at pragmatic solutions.

I'm currently helping to create a portable, accessible, and human-centered safety net for the future of work as a Senior UI/UX Designer at Catch. Thanks for dropping by! ✌️