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Other projects

Various examples of work including web design, wayfinding, print design, and illustration.

ATK Holiday Deal Days

In 2015, I led design and development for the first ever 24-hour flash deal microsite at America's Test Kitchen. The shop was created to offer added value to ATK fans by providing exclusive deals on top-rated kitchen equipment every month. This culminated with the ATK Holiday Deal Days campaign: 7 days of consecutive deals leading up to Black Friday.

I chose to build the site using Shopify, customizing a basic theme with HTML, SCSS, and JS markup. This approach allowed for a quick and dependable MVP while giving me the ability to fine-tune the visual design of the site and introduce new features such as a countdown timer and responsive video embeds. I handled design and development for each of the seven product pages as well as the Holiday Deal Days email campaign.

The teaser email alone was delivered to 1.3 million users with over 375,000 unique opens. The Holiday Deal Days received 60,000+ unique visits and generated over $1.1M in gross sales between November 30 and December 3.

environmental design
Wayfinding for the Museum of Fine Arts

How could environmental design help the Boston Museum of Fine Arts accomplish its 2020 strategy of community engagement and collaboration? I developed a proposal to find out.

Final deliverables included personas, user scenarios, journey mapping, wayfinding design, tactical urbanism, and original signage modeled in SketchUp. You can view some process work here or check out the final proposal.

book design
Why I Design

A 36-page restrospective on my path to design, highlighting the most influential objects of my adolescence. I printed the book in full color at 6.5x9" with a custom laser-cut cover and saddle-stitched it by hand. Download the PDF here.

package design
Zack Brews Bad Beer

I'm proud to say I was born and raised in Maine, a state full of incredible people, delicious food, and unbelievable craft beer. After my upteenth brewery visit, I figured I'd give homebrewing beer a shot. The results were... lackluster. Needless to say, that didn't stop me from designing some labels. Thumb and bomb icons by Numero Uno and IYIKON, respectively.

poster design

Student work from my 2017 Information Design course at Northeastern, aiming to communicate information in a clear and meaningful way while using as few words as possible. Slovenia icons courtesy of The Noun Project. Homebrewing illustrations are all my own. High resolution versions available here.

Animations and Illustrations

A small variety of original illustrations and animations. First, a stop-motion animation created for the Cook's Country Instagram account. Second, animated GIFs created for a BevSpot email campaign. Last but not least, a pair of posters inspired by Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Additional work